Organizational Development

Organizational Development

ORDER – Organizational Development Service Offering  …  Do YOU work for your business or does YOUR BUSINESS work for you? ….  There is a big difference and you have to know it ……

PMO Consulting

PMO Consulting

75% of companies already have a PMO or are in the process of setting one up, according to a 2012 study.  However, same study shows that 75% of these PMOs will fail within

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

There are eight key technology Drivers making a big impact on all industries.  Some companies are aware, and are working in silence on building their competitive advantage by digitally transforming their organizations.

PMP Exam Prep BootCamp

The fastest and most guaranteed way to pass the PMP Exam is using our Simulation Based Learning because:

  • Our Simulation won PMI Best of the Best Award
  • Our Simulation helps you deal with situational questions on the exam
  • Our Simulation teaches you real project management application, not just theory
Mini MBA Simulation

“I wish I had time to get an MBA”

Today we offer you a chance to get a Mini MBA:

  • Certificate of Completion from TOPSIM Germany
  • Run a major company for six years during the course duration
  • Learn all the MBA key concepts including Marketing, Finance, Strategy and Execution
People Management

Managing people is nothing like what it looks like in theory books.

Instead of listening to boring lectures, imagine if you can learn to manage people hands-on?

So we give you:

  • A team
  • A difficult department to manage
  • A computer to interact with the simulation

And we let you be the Department Head for Six Months.