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75% of companies already have a PMO or are in the process of setting one up, according to a 2012 study.  However, same study shows that 75% of these PMOs will fail within three years.  So, why are companies so keen to setup the PMO function? And Why do they FAIL?

There are a few reasons, but they mostly boil down to the lack of experience of the organization in setting up a project-focused function.  Unlike the rest of the organization that focuses on efficiency, a PMO must focus more on effectiveness and ensuring project success.  So, stakeholders end up misunderstanding what the PMO will do and the wrong expectations from these stakeholders result in PMO failure.

Luckily there are ways to deal  with that, and improve dramatically the chances of PMO success.  Our senior PMO Architect has a proven road-map for PMO setup that ensures the successful setup and operation of the new function.  We call it 7 STEPPPS.

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7 STEPPPS PMO Consulting, PMO Consulting requires seven steps, all crucial for PMO success and the first three are missed by most consultants. Some even miss the first six and only address the software. This leads to failure, which is very common in PMO setups.

To ensure your PMO success we handle it properly from beginning to end, ensuring we address all its critical elements:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Understand the strategic direction of the organization and the context of the PMO within the organizational strategy
  2. Top Down Architecture: Starting from the strategy, the PMO architecture can be designed starting with the PMO governance, then getting into details related to all aspects of the system, like data flow, processes, people, performance, and software.
  3. Enterprise Data Flow: Today, data is a big asset of any organization. The PMO has the responsibility to make sense of the enormous amounts of data managed throughout its portfolio of projects. We design data flow to ensure lessons learned, patterns, success factors, and problem areas are easily deduced from data in a timely manner.
  4. Process: Based on the first three steps, the processes for the PMO are drafted, focusing on making them applicable, practical, and easily accessible.
  5. People: We build capacity for your staff and management to use the system. We also offer recruiting services, outsourcing services, and turn-key PMO staffing services. We will work with you to offer the most suitable services for your needs.
  6. Performance: We provide different levels of support for launching your PMO from offering turn key operations to providing resources on the ground, to providing support to your teams as they operate the PMO.
  7. Software: We believe in simplicity, user friendliness, and tools that are as simple as google to use. Luckily these tools exist today and organizations do not have to go to heavy and expensive to maintain and operate software tools. We can help you use tools that are as simple as your browser to use. Anything more complicated is not necessary with the great technology available today.

To help you take the first step, we offer it to you for free: We will visit your organization and assess strategic direction and how the PMO can serve in that context. We will, free of charge:

  • Meet with you to hear your specific needs
  • Review your strategic direction
  • Draft a strategic alignment statement to kickstart building your PMO


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